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Print is one of those things that seems easy in principle, but gets unreasonably complicated when faced with the fact. If you ever tried to install a desktop home printer, you'll know what we mean.


Assuming the artwork is formatted correctly, you will then be faced with a series of decisions regarding stock, weight, finish and embellishments.


And this industry has its own specialised lingo, which can lead to a lot of confusions and wrong orders. Fortunately for you, we got you covered here as well!


We've got connections with some of the biggest industrial printers in the UK. We charge a small premium for overseeing the print order, but our prices are still competitive to what retail printers would offer you, and you get the added benefit of our experience when placing the order.


Can you smell that halving coming up? Maybe it's already happened, or about to happen again, we rarely update the website...

Either case, plenty of you out there, have made a killing by HODL-ing some all time classic crypto gems (degen sh*t coins are being considered for R&D purposes at the moment).


And who can resist a bit of flex when the I-told-you-so’s hang so low.


That was the unsettling nag echoing at the back of our heads, when we set out to design a tool to help us tell the world “Cough-cough, ahem I told you so”.


Of course, no-body particularly *likes* being told so, so we had to engineer a tool that considered not just one, or two, but FOUR fundamental pillars of value, in order to deliver that perfect ITYS.


Our four values are:

1) Raising Awareness    2)Fun 2 Look @    3) Spreading Education    3) Flexing Haters


And with the four pillars in mind, our researchers, engineers, illustrators and designers worked months, day on end to present to you… no, to present THE WORLD our humble life-changing device that will deliver the perfect ITYS. Humble and discreet, yet impactful and unignorable.


Ladies, gentlemen and everything in between, DOV Studio proudly presents the complete, update-free, subscription stomping I-TOLD-YOU-SO tool:



Now with FREE UK $hipping!


Want them in a differrent size, shape or quantity? Shipping outside the UK? Maybe thinking of a differrent coin? Eih?

Contact us.

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