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Low tack (easy to remove) 70gsm, 5cm paper sticker (recyclable, yaaay!) with the following finish:


The Ethereum Project was started by the not-so-mad but very-genius kid (he was 19 at the time) Vitalik Buterin. Inspired by the king, Ethereum was the first real player in Bitcoin's game. Just as Ada Lovelace saw Pong in Charles Babbage's computer, Vitalik saw NFTs and Smart Contracts in Bitcoin. Named after an obsolete concept in physics (one where light particles would be carried around in waves in an ever present thing called "aether"), he envisioned that the blockchain will be an ever present part of human activity. Plus, he thought it sounded pretty cool. Which, it does. 


Ethereum is the first blockchain project, and it has years in front of the rest of them. It's only poetic that this blockchain focuses on speed above all else. The most popular, and most new-coiner's second purchase, ETH  has a strong foothold on the market, and is likely to be around long after you and I are done with this planet. 


Not the stickers on which this lovely illustration is printed on dough. No sirey, recyclable paper over here. 



ETH Sticker

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