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Low tack (easy to remove) 70gsm, 5cm paper sticker (recyclable, yaaay!) with the following finish:


Bitcoin, at this point who hasn't heard the word? Its mere uttering can summon intense shades of golden oranges, and quickly repeating "ca-cling" sounds even in the harshest of deniers. Take it or leave it, everybody and their grandmother know that B. Those golden arches, stretching over the sky, shaking the ground underneath it and swallowing up any dreams the letter "m" once had of global psyche dominance... I digress.


But not many people will know that Bitcoin is the first and, to this date, the only fully functional finished and stand-alone blockchain. 

On the third of January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin on the world and generated the "Genesis Block" pam, pam, paaAAMm! These blocks are a ridiculously long string of random characters, and within those random characters, the miner (machine that created the block) can leave a signature by changing some of the random characters.


The words our pseudonymous developers used to engrave the first block that kicked off today's digital gold rush came from a Times front-page story published the same day. The nearly three trillion (first time I ever wrote that number down...) market was founded on a sentiment that can be encompassed in eight words:

"Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks"




BTC Sticker

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