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4x Low tack (easy to remove)  70gsm, 5cm paper (recyclable, yaaay!)  sticker with the following finish:


Impact-fully saturated, high-resolution printouts on the silkiest of papers. 10gsm slimmer than your regular Xerox Nancy-paper, because she don't need that extra weight, not this paper. Presented to you raw and naked for that extra recyclable appeal. When combined with the gentle forgivable touch of low-tack adhesive, makes for an explosive display of expression.


These budget considerate, echo-sexy marks, are a great way to celebrate your HODL days! The 360 degree open-source technology, has been respectfully paired with that smooth 51 whole millimetres of straight hard rad...iameter, diameter to give you that perfect shape that looks big from far away, yet offers you plenty of camouflage opportunities. 


Now in Ethereum Afterthought Grey. Get it while it works!



ETH Stickers 445

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