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We are not a VAT registered company. And we aim to keep it that way. Please do not ask us for a VAT invoice, as if you insist, we will happily add an extra 20% on top of our invoices, to give you the original LTD experience ;)

Every new client is expected to pay 50% of the first project, up-front, as a non-refundable deposit. Future projects may still see deposit requirements. 


We accept GBP, BTC and ETH.


Our change requests are in place to protect both our times. Projects are billed in increments of 15 minutes.

In those 15 minutes we can change the colour of an element, re-arrange it and change its size.

But if you ask us to change the colour, then re-arrange it and then finally change its size, that will be a 45 minutes charge



We have a 2-working day promise to reply to emails. Sometimes we are on site, other times life happens. Most of the time you will find our replies fairly quick. However, delivering projects is a different can of promises. We could be tied up with any number of projects at any given time, so just because your estimate is quoted for 10 hours, that does not mean it will be done in 2 days time. 


Our machines will NOT begin printing until the invoice has been paid in full. Having placed an order and receiving our invoice does not by any means suggest that we started the work. Our printing services are also non-refundable, but we do give you a guarantee of quality and of delivery.

We offer many different shipping options, which vary greatly depending on what is being printed and how much of it. We however do NOT guarantee the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). We can only hire the maybe faster and definitely costlier services as per your requests, to try and help you meet your deadlines. However, we will not accept any sort of accusatory phone calls or emails, chasing your parcel.

We recommend always planing to have your printing at least 1 week ahead of your deadlines. 

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