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(2/4) Passion

In a land slightly further apart from the one previously mentioned, a couple of years later, two other beautiful and independent adults meet each other. They ingest the offerings of the party, and then, despite both of their better judgements, they skip the 3-date waiting list.

Sizzle, bubbles, fireworks; nine months later, Passion came screaming into to this world to change it forever.

Poor Passion; her world was full of it. We like to think of passion as a purely positive, quite sexual emotion. But unfortunately for her, it is defined as: "A strong and barely controllable emotion". Nothing to do with good or bad there. It pains me to tell you of some of the most passionate moments her parents shared uncontrollably in front of young and innocent Passion. Shouts, screams, insults, the occasional mug flying up against a wall, which was sometimes empty. A really passionate house.

She very rarely heard words of praise, encouragement or even acceptance. And while her parents would sometimes realise how fucked up their relationship was and would have moments of clarity for the sake of their innocent children, those moments were few and far between. Better than not at all, but hardly enough.

So young Passion did her best to pick up the pieces of her parent's wars and try to make the most of it. She was very passionate about understanding their relationship and why they couldn't just get along. And while she never really gave up on the passion for that topic, over time her survival instincts pushed her to focus on other subjects: Music, Fine Art, Movies and even Social Relationships, all sparked Passion's... well passion.

And while shy and always on the defence, once someone, anyone, would make the smallest effort to open her up, she would sing like the first rooster in the morning. You know, the one that wakes up the whole village? But unlike that hatable cockerel, this bird would sing the smoothest whispers, and burst in the most contagious of giggles. And just as you thought you'd label her as a "silly girly girl", she'll drop some heavy psychologist's name, as a follow-up to an analogy she made about the party you met her in. And you know what the most charming part is? She drops the heavy names, with the same ease and nonchalance as the shade of pink she found her new favourite hat in.

Unfortunately for our dear Passion, most people don't study psychology, philosophy, literature, history or art unless they're trying to get a degree in just one of those topics, much less all of them. So our dear, deep and passionate protagonist was constantly seen as a silly, pink, girly girl.

And yes, she likes pink, in fact she freaking loves it! But she also loves blue, orange, purple and the rest of the rainbow. However, people got stuck on pink, because that helps them to make a false appraisal of her. Society isn't used to such free spirits that cannot be defined by any one box.

Understandably, once set free into the world, looking for her place, she accepted the pink. It was one of her favourite colours after all, and apparently everybody else just has one favourite colour, and she really wanted just to be "normal"... So, pink it was! At least as far as everybody else was concerned. Even if her heart still longed for those teal blues, light purples and magentas, she took on the pink mantle.

Life has a way to grind down even the best of us. Except it isn't life, is it? It's the other people we share it with, by choice and by background.

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