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(3/4) Hello

Over a decade has passed since our two unrelated and completely separate protagonists have escaped their over-controlling and toxic spawning pools.

Love has been zipping from place to place, room to room, person to person, unwittingly sharing all four types of love, unconditionally to everybody humble enough to tell him a simple hello. They all fell in love with him because of his pure and outgoing nature. He made many friends of all persuasions and backgrounds, and while he was quite good at making the most of parties, events and other social gatherings (wink wink), he never really got to experience love himself. He was a master of the first three types:

-Philia for his many life-long friends.

-Eros, for the ladies that opened themselves up to him.

-Storge for his complex, but loving family.

Yet, he never, ever felt Agape love. Heck, Love wasn't even aware such a love existed. But still, he always felt there was something more than the first three, as his gut wouldn't let him sleep, and the older he got, the harder it was to get that ever precious resource.

Over the past decade, Passion has been weaving a web of her own as well. She was zipping from state to state, from being to being and from hopelessness to hope.

She charmed everybody everywhere she went, and while she was a master at pretending to be charmed, she rarely truly was. Many tried to claim Passion for themselves, but she always gracefully slipped away.

Then one fateful day, Love meets Passion. I'm sure Passion also met Love that day, and, to shamelessly break the fourth wall, it was scary as fuck, dudes and dudettes!

The connection was instant, almost as if they had known each other for a lifetime. It was so inexplicably familiar, that the two of them became awkward for the first time in their adult lives. Such a shame that it was with each other, as neither of them gave the other the best of first impressions.

But life made them meet again, and again and again. And while the inexplicable familiarity was unsettling at first, it became easier to excuse after a few platonic meetings.

However, every time he laid eyes on her, Love became gripped by an unexplainable fear. This character hasn't known real fear his whole life, yet every time Passion walked in the room, Love was afraid. Palms got sweaty, muscles tensed up, he lost control over his own volume and a crippling desire to flee the room always set in. Sometimes he'd flee the room, but Passion would soon follow. Because unlike Love, Passion was possessed by curiosity and intrigue whenever they met.

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