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(1) Prologue

Disclaimer: This is NOT a mathematical thesis. This is a simplification of the complex abstracts that try and describe the higher dimensions. This is meant to help the average person, like myself, understand how deep this world expands beyond our visual spectrum. There will be no equations or x-y-z's in this essay. Just imagination and illustrations. Enjoy it for what it is, not for what it isn't.


I am not a mathematician, nor do I hold any sort of degree that qualifies me to speak on the matter. So, why would you listen to me? Two reasons:

1) I'm an artist, the Original Gangsta' profession of Science Communication. And

2) This topic has possessed my mind since I was less than 10 years old, and I was made aware of the idea of parallel and higher dimensions. I'm 31 when writing this, and alongside all the fleeting topics that keep me up at night, this is a recurring one. Trying to wrap my head around that which one cannot see, but is aware, MUST exist. It's like a spiritual itch you just can't quite scratch. An itch plaguing me for over two decades now.

And I think that in my metaphorical frenzy of scratching that itch, I have gained a clear understanding of the first few dimensions above our mortal three. A plain understanding that I have never seen illustrated or described anywhere else.

When one starts researching the higher dimensions, one is instantly bombarded with geometrical drawings and abstract equations that in the end, still do very little to paint a comprehensive picture, unless you are a mathematically inclined person. Which I most certainly am not. We owe our modern world to the discoveries our scientists have made over the millennia, but man! Can they make it sound and look boring without even trying.

It's not their fault, them brainy types have sacrificed "sex-appeal" for clear communication. And we are the end beneficiaries of their social sacrifices. Guard your nerds! Boring as the may be, they are the only ones who can find the cure for cancer, amongst other uncountable and unimaginable discoveries that make your life even more rich, comfortable and safe. Thank you nerds!

But why would you bother understating such abstract concepts as the 10 to 11 dimensions our universe may or may not be made of? Well, it's a journey. One doesn't need to be smart or in the pursuit of greatness to go and explore the world and grow as a person. This is another form of exploring our world. Understanding just how far it expands and what infinity actually is, can make one more humble and less afraid of death. As, how can one understand death is just a process of life, if one cannot imagine what lies beyond it? And no, it's not trumpet playing angels and pitchfork wielding devils. Those are but metaphors for life on earth.

So! Before we get into it, you must understand there are ultimately 2 ways of seeing the universe:

1) It is finite, which means it has an end.

2) It is infinite, which means it has no end, and it contains everything and then some.

There is no way to prove either philosophy, so this is a personal choice. If you choose option one, you should stop reading here and go read some Harry Potter instead. You will have a much better time.

If you choose to believe the universe is infinite, then let's dig in.

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