Painting flowers is a great way to get familiar with a new medium and to better understand the fundamental geometry of life.


Do you need to cover up your restaurant walls but not distract your guests from the quality of the food and service. Something everybody can appreciate and people are unlikley to take offence to? Something that just looks amazing yet it dosen't cost too much to make? Then Decorative Art is what you are after. Artists and Hotels/Restaurants always made a harmonious combination. Below I have a selection of previously comissioned work to help you understand what to expect when you commission a painting from me.


Perhaps you want a bit more than just some colour and shapes on a canvas? Something that tells a story, something that isn't craving apreciation nor is it afraid to offend the right people. Are you looking for something a bit more personal, would you like to share a bit of yourself with the world in a discreet manor. Then look no further, you need to talk to me.

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