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That means you are in need of a website, and it will be my pleasure to help launch your idea on the World Wide Web. You couldn't have chosen a better time to do this than now! In 2020, 29% of all business sales took place online. As of December 2020 over 5 million self-employed workers are registered with HMRC.


These numbers are sure to increase as we get more and more interconnected. 

I have been designing successful commercial websites since 2014, designing timeless logos since 2012 and have been learning about efficient shapes, colours and symbols since 2007. I can be your one-man agency, or I can work with your team of professionals to achieve a unified business brand.

To this day, I still work with all of my clients, offering change requests, support and general management of their brands. I will not disappear once your site is ready. That's a promise!

So, are you ready to start this exciting journey together?

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Terms and Conditions

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A website usually gets launched within 4-8 weeks from successful receipt of deposit. Please inquire about premium rates if you are in need of a quicker turnaround time. Further changes to the website after launch normally take 24-48 hours to implement.


The promotional offer is to reflect the building of a basic 5-page website. The site you are on right now is a good example of such a website. No e-commerce platform, online bookings, or other intractable elements. Basic websites are a good and professional way to display a portfolio, present information and offer a virtual door to the public. If you are interested in more than a basic website, please let me know, and I will provide an amended quote.


The advertised offer of £495 is to include one year of domain registration and website hosting. The yearly hosting cost will be £130 from the second year onwards. In exchange for this fee, your website will be hosted on a secure platform that never fails and is constantly updated. The domain registration cost will be £15/year. While you can register your domain with different providers, hosting on other platforms is not possible at the moment.

Hosting and registration fees need to be fulfilled one month in advance to guarantee uninterrupted service. 

A non-refundable deposit of £200 will be paid prior to any work commencing.

After the first draft is presented, the first free change request shall be discussed and implemented.

After the second draft is presented, the second free change request shall be discussed and implemented. The remainder of £295 is expected at this point.

The third draft of the website will be presented for final scrutiny prior to launch. Future change requests will be charged at the regular rate of £40/hour in increments of 15 minutes. Consulting is free of charge at present. 


You are expected to supply your own copy and visual elements to be incorporated into the website. They can be commissioned separately if needed, but are not included in the offer price.

The brief is the guideline of the website. It will contain all the details of the site, the structure, expectations, quirks and flavours that will make it yours. It will be both my roadmap, and my promise to you as a developer. I will type up the brief once I have collected enough information from you, and present it for your approval when I will ask for the deposit.

It’s very important as such that you give me all the information possible regarding your expectations of the website when contacting me. Consider answering the following questions while typing your text:


What is the purpose of the website?

What domain name do you want?

Do you expect to need to edit the website often?

What are the colours you want your website to be dressed in?

Do you already know what font you want to use?

Do you want a contact page? Do you have a phone number or other contact details you want to display? Please provide them.
Do you want to promote a physical place, such as a restaurant? Please provide the address.

Do you have any hours of operation you’d like to display?

What do you want your 5 pages to be named? i.e. HOME; ABOUT; CONTACT; etc

What pictures do you want on each page, and how? Full screen, or just a floating frame.

Do you want any effects? Floating, popping, reveal etc.

Do you want to connect social media links such as facebook, twitter etc? Please provide them.

Is there a motto, slogan or zinger you want prominently displayed on the website?

Is there already a published website that has inspired you? Please provide a link.

Do you have any illustrations, pictures or other graphics that are especially important to the site?