Art. Where would we be without it? Well probably still in a cave pondering over how we can use this... "wheel" to bash in the rival tribe's face. Art is what makes us think outside the box, ponder over philosophies concerning other than our basic needs. Art is the main product of culture, and we owe the way our society looks today to it. 


At DOV Studio we work with a lot of artists. And sometimes when the stars align just right, we all take a break from our busy life styles to showcase you with what could well be the spark of the next unforeseen trend in society.


Our exhibitions are not just some dead museums. They are exciting and engaging for both the know-it-alls and the

I-don't-know-anything-about-art types. We take pride in our curating and make sure to have it layed out in a pleasant and logical maner. 


"At the end of it all I believe the fact that kids are excited by it is the best feedback I could wish for." - Dragos Olar - Artist


21'st Century Exhibition - 2015
S.S.A.E. - 2014
Third Millennium Centre Exhibition - 2014
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