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DOV Studio is a quality driven comercial business focussed on making, evaluating, promoting and selling ART.


We work with a wide and varied bunch of local and international artists to bring you the most down to earth, mind puzzling, belief shattering exhibitions. Not for the faint of heart but our Artwork is recommended to all ages, genders and races no matter what religion, nationality, political party or football club you are part of.



"I was lucky to have some of Dragos's artwork in our restaurants, whych was loved by our customers, theyr new patrons. We managed to persuade Dragos to do some pictures for our restaurants which are still hanging here at present. He managed to interpret our customer's aspirations in his work. I find Dragos's work to be very creative and innovative, mastering a technique unique to him. I recomend his work to everyone"


 - Samir Mohamed,  Restaurant Owner @ Flying Aubergine



"I thoroughly enjoyed showing my work at the Millennium 3rd Age Centre. I am glad I can contribute to help promote the Arts in the city of Southampton and have the opportunity to reach new audiences with my work

 Jullien Masson,  Artist @ Artsim -



"Dragos is an artist who forges visual excellence in an characterisation of unquantifiable values. His work at DOV has been well documented in local media including Awaaz Radio and the Daily Echo Newspaper. The successful operation of DOV Studio is down to its innovative approach to Art, a concept which is clearly shown as compared to other artists. Dragos does not abide to any rule book as each of his commissioned work takes you on a journey mystifying you to an unknown destination. DOV was commissioned to paint a mural on the Awaaz FM studio wall. The mural is now the first thing you will see when visiting Awaaz and has become an outstanding focal point of interest."


- Ali Beg, Mangarer @ Awaaz FM 

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